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This place is focused on cosplay, sprites, and drawings! Hope ya enjoy em! o3o


Daaaaaurp? o3o *shot*



Fire Emblem - A-Kon 26 by Shadarkness
Fire Emblem - A-Kon 26
Had this taken at A-Kon 26 during the Fire Emblem photoshoot! Really was amazing, especially the new friends I made there too! Got to see them again during the Nintendo gathering hours later. XD

Also, dat Buddha statue tho. XD

Roy is me~
If anyone knows the Robin, Marth and/or Ike's DeviantArt(if they have one), let me know! :D
Trainer OC - Luke (NEW APPEARANCE) by Shadarkness
Trainer OC - Luke (NEW APPEARANCE)
So back a year and a half ago, I made a revision of myself(or my own character), , and went to my gallery to clean up some stuff, but I found out that my rival hasn't had a "revised" version, I decided to say "Screw the rules, I'll do it!" So here he is. Previously had an appearance similar to the video game rival Blue/Green, now a redesigned original character sprite. Hope you guys like it~! ^_^

I do not own Pokémon, just a fan of the franchise.
Character OC Luke and Sprite made by me.
Decided to go ahead and clean up parts of my DeviantART gallery. There are some things that I don't consider as "useful" or "great" anymore. If you see something that you think'll likely be taken down, don't worry. I'm going through my gallery thoroughly. I already deleted some stuff, and will be doing a bit more. Don't worry, I don't plan to clean a whole lot, just some that I consider "undesirable" to me.
Thank you, Mr. Iwata. ~ Pokemon Trainer Red by Shadarkness
Thank you, Mr. Iwata. ~ Pokemon Trainer Red
I know it's not that great of a picture in my opinion, but I wanted to make tribute to a wonderful man who left our world too soon.  Rest in Peace, Satoru Iwata. You we're a great man who inspired and influenced many. 

“On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.”

Red cosplayer is me.
Adam, Lie Ren and Nora  - A-Kon 26 by Shadarkness
Adam, Lie Ren and Nora - A-Kon 26
So today is the birthday of the late Monty Oum, and years ago when I first started RWBY and saw Lie Ren, I wanted to cosplay him. Years later, Monty has passed and I wanted to make what I planned years ago. So I made Lie Ren and debuted him at A-Kon for the first time and had a lot of fun as Ren. Especially since my friend cosplayed M!Nora that day too(and got booped. XD)
So a happy birthday to the late Monty Oum. One of my few inspirations in the world.

Male!Nora is :iconblu3mag391:

Lie Ren is me

Fem!Adam is a friend of ours, not sure if she has a DA though..


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Here are some other websites I'm on~:

DeviantART: You're looking at it, dummy! xD

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Brago - Zatch Bell
Axel - Kingdom Hearts
Rogue - Fairy Tail
Yuya Sakaki - Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V
Kirito - Sword Art Online
Byakuya - Bleach
Teen Goten - Dragon Ball Z
Julius Kingsley - Code Geass: Akito the Exiled
Terra - Kingdom Hearts
Ace - Final Fantasy: Type 0

Convention schedule:

PAX South 2015 - -CALNCELLED
Dallas Fan Days 2015 (DONE)
All-Con XI (DONE)
Anime Matsuri 2015 -CANCELLED-
Dallas Comic Con 2015 (DONE)
A-Kon 26 (DONE)
Screw Attack Gaming Con 2015 (DONE)
San Japan 2015 - -CANCELLED-
AnimeFEST 2015 *next!*
Retropalooza 2015
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Ikkicon 2015/16 ?

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I need to remember to post more often first off. XD

Secondly, I forgot to give my report on this year's A-Kon! I've been busy, life has been getting the best of me. DX but, here we go!

Okay so normally when it comes to conventions, I don't go on Day 0 but it depends if I'm volunteering or not. But I went to Dallas around 2 PM(a few hours before my shift) to meet with some friends before going to the Console Gaming room at 4 PM. I was dressed as a "beta" version of my Add (Elsword) cosplay, and met up with my friend and bro :iconblu391:. Most of the day was really fun, got to play Splatoon and Mario Kart 8 while I was there, which was really fun. Around midnight, I made it back home, where on the next day me and my friend will be in our friend's hotel room.

So things we're going smoothly for a while, where I dressed and debuted as Lie Ren (RWBY) for the first time. Got a lot of pics, and had a lot of fun as Lie Ren. However, before that happened, while on my way to Dallas, I FORGOT MY BADGE BACK AT MY HOUSE. >< but it was no problem(hopefully) since I knew where it was. But anyway, I made it back to my shift in the morning with my friend :iconblu391: who was in charge of the shift I was put in for the morning. But it was fun, got a lot of Streetpasses too. XD after the shift was over, I went on to the RWBY photoshoot. I did arrive a little late(as expected), so not a whole lot was taken at the photoshoot. Also got to meet up with :iconlemony-tart: and :icondolphinlover1111: which was really awesome to see them again! Also got to see my bro :iconsnake-n-da-box: and the rest of the Midknight members(not in one whole gathering though sadly..), which was alot of fun to see them again, especially a lot of my old friends too! :D Even got to meet even MORE new friends too, and during the evening, I changed to Alucard mainly since Hellsing needs more love IMO. When the day was near-ending, I tried to go to the TFS main panel but couldn't make it since it was already filled 3 hours before it even started. I also decided to get some cosplayers for the Cosplay Music Video for my Youtube(which will be updated once it's uploaded. Stay tuned for that!) So around 10 PM or so I went back to my hotel room and me and my friends played Naruto on the XBox 360. I put eyedrops in my eyes since I needed them, but passed out entirely after putting them in. XD

Saturday morning, I decided to cosplay as Roy from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade/Super Smash Bros. Melee. On my way while exploring the hotel, I get stopped by pictures, and a new friend who was cosplaying as Marth. ^_^ We had LOTS of pictures from people, and explored around for a majority of the day. We met with a few more Fire Emblem cosplayers as well, even before the photoshoot around noon, and the Nintendo photoshoot at 2 PM. Even got MORE people for my A-Kon CMV, and me and :iconsnake-n-da-box: we're also able to be part of our good friend and bro TDragon's Cosplay Music Video, which was an amazing experience! Me and :iconsnake-n-da-box: also got to get to the Artist Alley and Dealer's Room(for a while for me anyway, since I had to show up at the Console Gaming dept. for a couple of hours.) After spending my couple of hours at the Console Gaming room, I helped out my friend who needed help with his cosplay attachments. Then I went to my hotel room quick to change to Lelouch/Zero and decided to hang around the con for a little while before passing out. I found a few more cosplayers to be part of my CMV too, which we're really awesome!

Ah, the final day. Time can go by so fast, can it? Anyway, I went ahead and dressed as Duelist!Red (PokéspeXYGO!) and went around the con for a while till I hosted the Pokémon photoshoot at noon. A lot of new faces too, and very few familiar ones too in the mix. Even got to see :iconlemony-tart: and :icondolphinlover1111: again too! But overall, a great experience to see the Pokémon cosplay community growing every year! After the photoshoot, I went ahead and dressed back as Roy for an encore. Lots of pictures in the mix, and a couple more cosplayers for the CMV too. Around 2 PM me, my new Marth friend and :iconsnake-n-da-box: went to the Smash Bros. photoshoot, which was fun to be in, especially with all the shots too! Then we headed on to the Dealer's Room for a couple more hours, when I was going to head over to the Voice Actors Cold Read. The wait didn't take very long, since people we're leaving as they came in a while ago. Afterward, me and my friend Flare went to Denny's and had a big lunch. We we're really hungry so we finished eating pretty quick. XD sadly though, A-Kon was over. I fell into Post-Con depression after all that but had a great experience too, especially for my ninth A-Kon(been going since 2007!)

Definitely can't wait for next year, since especially that'll be my 10th A-Kon too! WOOT! My next stop, Screw Attack Gaming Convention in Frisco, Texas! I probably will do Roy during the event, so it should be fun since Roy was announced he was returned to Smash(along with the newcomer Ryu, and Brawl veteran Lucas)! I still have more conventions ahead of me, but I'll be posting about them as the dates of them get closer. Also, for my Cosplay Music Video, thank you to all the cosplayers who took part of it(if you're reading this)! I did plan for a release back last Saturday, but because of being busy lately and partial lazyness, I decided to push it a week later. So expect it this weekend at the latest!

And as usual guys, I will see you guys next time! Ja mata ne!


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